Battle for 2mm Earth

Corvus on Land rules (PROTOTYPE)

A set of ground-based rules designed to accompany the Richard Lee's CORVUS (or any other Ancient Naval rules) when played in 1/1200 or smaller scales.

Will eventually include guide on creating 1/3600 troop bases (four times smaller than 2mm!) to fit Outpost's 1/3600 scale galleys.


I will at some point in the future re-work this game and make some bases, but for now it's taking a back seat to BF2E/1418...

PDF Notes

My first notes created in a spreadsheet format. Re-exported as a PDF file (one page).

 The rules are in note form but are understandable (at least for movement... the combat system confuses even me)

The movement-interruption system is more simple than it sounds and I have integrated it into the latest version (yet to be uploaded) of BF2E and (by extent) 1418/3945.

 Original sheet as PDF file

= Alternatively =

Revised/Expanded version PDF file (reccomended)

This has an example and some clarifications (mostly in the form of "I can't remember what this means, but I think it means .. this.."). More useable.