Battle for 2mm Earth

Games & Rules

I've been writing wargames rules for years. Here are some of my finished or nearly finished sets. I'm hoping to finish BF2E and 1418 and release them (with full army lists) commercially, for now here are the current versions.

Big Battle Games

Big battles with 2mm miniatures, from ancients through medieval and renaissance. Can work up to 20th Century.
v0.7 (first draft release draft)
v0.9 (revised drafted with experimental rules)

Army lists for 15th Century Europe
v1.0 (current)
Army Lists for Europe in the 1400's. Overcomplicated and may be simplified before final release

v0.7 (first release);
v0.8P (current with experimental rules)
Big battles with 2mm miniatures, for early 20th century. WW2 version out in the forseeable but distant future.

Army lists for Early War
v1.0 (current)
TOE's for Regiments of the main protagonists, 1914-1916, in chart form, a bit complicated and needs work

Fast Play Games

Tiny Terrors Titchy Troops
Fast-play vaguely worded big battle one-page rules for silly science-fantasy games. Ideal for the most casual gamers.

TT&TT Army Lists
For various popular settings

Arquebusier: v1.5
Fast-play skirmish three-page rules for renaissance. Easy to learn but requires frequent reference to the charts.

Quick Kill: v1.5
Fast-play tactical one-page rules for mid 20th century warfare. Very simple, but suprisingly effective.